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14k-18k-22-24k Gold

14k Gold - 14k gold jewellery is made up of 58.5% gold mixed with copper and nickel among other things. It is the most popular karat of gold purchased the world over, and is known for its affordability and durability.
18k Gold - 18k gold jewellery is popular mainly in Europe. Most 18k gold jewellery is made from 75% pure gold. Most premium jewellery is made with 18 k, which is only somewhat more luxurious than 14 k gold.
22-24k Gold - 22 and 24 karat gold jewellery is usually careful the most precious, and is very well-liked among elite gold shoppers. This form of gold is the most pure, consisting of almost 199% gold. Generally 22 and 24 karat gold products have a richer color than other gold jewellery

Is one better than the other? The more pure the gold, the softer the jewellery will be and the more likely to scratch. Fine scratches are easily minimized however with proper care and attack over time. Quality is more related to craftsmanship than the actual percentage of gold in a particular piece of jewellery when decide on a piece that's right for you - you'll want to look for things like regularity, overall look and finishing.

One of the best things about gold jewellery is it is available in both yellow and white. White gold is becoming increasingly popular though it is only available in 14 or 18 k styles. White gold jewellery is often plated with a platinum metal to help give its unique color.